My dearest MJ,

It was so wonderful having breakfast the other morning celebrating daddy’s birthday! Though the service was not good, we all seemed to be enjoying our food.  While taking a forkful of my omelette I glanced over to see you licking… your…toe! You were also smiling as you did it! After immediately saying to you “MJ what are you doing? Stop doing that,” you stopped and then continued on eating as if nothing had happened!  After our 20 seconds of being horrified, we all ended up laughing about the whole thing…But I can’t help wondering why you did it? We have never seen you do that before! Were you deliberately trying to be silly, was your toe itching?  I wish you could tell me.  What a way to celebrate your dad’s birthday! Anyhow son, I hope you never, ever, ever,ever,ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever do that again!

With All My Love,



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