“I Won’t Open The Door!”

As autism parents know, there are usually numerous safety concerns that are on our minds on a daily basis.  For our family a number 1 concern was MJ opening the door to strangers or just opening the door and walking out of the house!  He actually did that a few times when he was younger.  We’d be in our family room and then all of a sudden see him outside in the backyard!  We had to have dead bolt locks on our doors to make certain that never happened again.  More recently he’d open the door to anyone that knocked. The mail carrier, pizza delivery person, annoying neighbor, or any stranger that came knocking.  We would speak to him about it all of the time and then finally we tried putting a sign on the inside of our front door that said “MJ do not open the front door.  Get mommy and daddy first.” The other day this happened:

Pizza delivery guys knocks on the door. MJ says, “Who is it?”  Pizza delivery guy says his name then MJ says, “I won’t open the door!”   

 My husband heard all of this take place and told me about it when I got home.  We laughed and are excited about the fact that he finally learned/listened to what we have been saying for years now.  Hopefully this will be a consistent thing.  It really allows me to rest a little easier.  




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