Mj’s Secret Life 😏

Recently MJ said something that we’ve never heard before. One night on the way to bed he said, “But Brian has a watch and I don’t.”  I immediately said, “OK MJ do you want a watch?”  His reply was, “yes!” This may not seem like a big deal to most people but it is for us. MJ rarely shows interest in material things and in a weird way his sudden interest in a watch made us happy.  I decided to email his teacher and inquire about his friend’s watch.   This was the reply from his teacher:

That is so funny. He has a digital watch that lights up. He has more than one watch. Each one of them have a character theme.  Marcus gave this same friend his blue Autism Awareness wristband. This means that they are officially “Best Friends” from what they told me. Just to let you know Marcus is starting to dance and sing more…lol.”   

I have been looking for his wristband for over a week.  I had no idea that he gave it to his friend.  According to his teacher’s response, it sounds as though he and “Brian” are really great friends. The fact that he is singing and dancing at school is completely hilarious to me. Singing, we are accustomed to seeing him do but he very rarely dances at home!  I wish that there was some way for me to “spy” on him while he is at school.  I would love to see how he socially behaves in that environment.  The “school MJ” is apparently a bit different than the “home MJ.”   


26 thoughts on “Mj’s Secret Life 😏

  1. Stephen also has very little interest in material goods but about 2 years ago when we went to see the Marvel Comic Book heroes he pointed at the make-believe swords which lit up. I asked him, “Do you want a sword?” Stephen replied Yes!

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  2. How delightful! Oh, to be a fly on the wall.

    I believe there ought to be cameras in every classroom and the parents ought to have the ability to watch whenever they ask.

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