Remembering Mommy

As Mother’s Day approaches, thoughts of my mother always flood my thoughts. My mother passed away in 2005 and it still feels like yesterday.  I’m so thankful that she was able to spend time with MJ, babysit for me, attend his christening, and attend his 1 year old birthday party. She’d be so proud of him and she’d be over the moon about my daughter.   I do all that I can to keep her memory alive and teach the kids about her.  A common phrase around our house is, “Well Norma would’ve done this!”   Happy Mother’s Day Mommy.  Thank you for being the example of a Godly, hard working, and giving mom.  I love you and miss you with all of my heart.  

Mommy a few years before she passed away.  





30 thoughts on “Remembering Mommy

    1. It’s such a difficult thing to go through. There are actually times when I still pick up the phone to call her. Especially when something great happens. Then I get that sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach and remember that she’s gone.

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  1. This is so lovely and heart-tugging Nicky. No matter how many years go by the love we have for a loved parent who has left us, just never diminishes and it’s a good thing that you keep her memory alive by sharing with the children.

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  2. I love your entire WordPress site, this one is so heart touching, this one is why I’m so thankful that since I’m no longer controlled (being abused) by my husband I get to spend time with my mom a lot of time as much time as I want and as much as she needs me too. This is such a beautiful tribute to her & she’s still with you everyday. You look so much like her too!!πŸ™πŸ™

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