Little To You, Huge To Us! The Sayings of MJ

MJ’s speech has always been a work in progress.  He was about 6 1/2 years old before he spoke in short sentences that we could understand.  Other than autism, he has had the label of “speech impaired” or “speech delayed.” His early years were so draining and frustrating because we sometimes did not know what he was asking for or saying…Talk about depressing! Over the years his speech has gotten better.  People can now understand most of what MJ says.  There is no longer much echolalia, but instead meaningful communication.  He gets many of his phrases from the various TV shows that he watches.  MJ is 12 years old now and still adores watching Disney’s Clubhouse, Dora The Explorer (God help me.  I think I know every single episode of Dora verbatim), and Bubble Guppies to name a few.  He uses the phrases in the correct context every time.

Today for the first time in his life he said this:

“Mommy, how was your day today?  What did you do?” I was actually stunned and just stared at him for a minute before I answered him.  Hearing him say this made me think about all of the other phrases/things that he says all of the time now, such as:

“Mommy, why are you kissing me?”

“Hello pretty!”

“How long before you get back?”

“But I always take a shower.” He says this every single day when we tell him to go and shower lol. 

“But where’d the sun go?”

“I don’t have all day you know!”

“What’s for dinner?”

“Is it time for ashes to ashes?” I’ll explain this in another post lol. 

These are things that may seem simple to the “average” family but to us it means the world.  We never really knew if he would ever be able to communicate in sentences like this.  We are truly grateful.






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