Snuggle Time ❤️

MJ just came into my bedroom to hang out! He brought his computer and sat on the bed next to me.  Whenever he does this I know it means, “Mom, I wanna show you this video!”  I always stop what I’m doing and give him complete and uninterrupted attention.  Tonight it was an episode of Scooby Doo.  We laughed throughout the entire episode.

  I.  Love.  This.  Kid.  


Blood Pressure Blessing

Today was MJ’s yearly check up.  When going to the doctor it is Always a struggle to get his temperature and take his blood pressure. At times it takes them 3 tries before they can get a reading.  Most times MJ moves around too much and yells, so results are unsuccessful.  Today was the first time they were able to check his blood pressure successfully on the first try.  I made sure to let him know how proud I was of him.  He stayed still the entire time and other than saying, “What’s the big idea” as the cuff started tightening, he was great!  So grateful for this today.  




Summa Summa Summa Time (In My Will Smith Voice) 😏

Well it’s officially summer and for our house that means a few weeks of summer camp is in order! Last year MJ attended a “regular” summer camp and though it started off well, we realized it wasn’t a good fit for MJ. In fact my daughter was so relieved when she found out he wouldn’t be at the same camp.  She said, “Some of the kids were mean to MJ mommy. I don’t want them to keep being mean to him.”  This year MJ is attending the YMCA special needs summer camp.  He’ll be participating in some academic work as well as social skills play, swimming, and field trips.  This is the most relaxed I have ever been with a summer camp program.  There is a low student to teacher ratio and everyone seems to be knowledgable about their job.  I’m praying that each day is a good one and that we can continue to use this camp in the years to come. 


That Time When…

This #FBF (Flasback Friday) pic was taken a month after…That time when we specifically moved the coffee table out of the living room because we knew our son AKA “The Road Runner” would run into it It was a safety hazard so once again we moved it to the guest bedroom and always kept the door shut But one day I needed something in the guest room and MJ was in the living room watching TV so I opened the door to get the item and MJ Zoomed passed me, jumped, and then hit his head on said coffee table The spot he hit on his head opened up immediately and began to bleed horribly Hubby remembered what he’d watched during boxing matches and slathered the area with Vaseline We had to rush him to the hospital where we had to hold him down in order for them to give him stitches It was crazy horrible and we haven’t had a coffee table since…
Yeah, I remember that time.  😏 






Here He Goes Again😏

This week MJ wrote another note and taped it to his door.  Once again I overheard him in the kitchen giggling as he wrote the note.  When I read it I was a little concerned with the “no mouse” comment he wrote because he is so literal.   I had to ask him if he saw a mouse and he said, “no mommy I didn’t see a mouse.”  He watches a lot of Tom and Jerry so that may be where he gets it from. However, I’m going to keep a look out for any “invaders” lol!

I Remember

Over the weekend hubby was cleaning out a storage closet when he came across these flashcards.  He immediately called my name and handed them to me with a smile.  A flood of memories came to mind as I looked at these old, tattered cards.

I remember when I bought these flashcards for you MJ.  You were only 2 years old.

I remember you completely ignoring me for weeks when I wanted you to sit down and pay attention while I reviewed the cards.

I remember you throwing all of the cards at me and all over the room…Several Times.

I remember the smile that you had on your face as you threw them.

I remember making up songs to sing with each flashcard.

I remember months later when you began to look at me and the cards.

I remember when you finally came over to me and began to repeat the words.

I remember when you began to say/read the words ( in your own way) without looking at the pictures.

Then, I remember when they told me that you had what they thought was a “learning disability.”

I remember thinking, “They have to be wrong.  My son is waaaaay too smart.”

I remember feeling lonely and confused.

I remember praying and asking God, “help me to help MJ.”

I remember realizing that you could and would learn at your own pace.

I will never throw away these flash cards because they serve as a reminder of where you were, how hard you’ve worked, and how far you’ve come.