It was an awesome time of vacationing.  The kids spent time with family while hubby and I went on our annual “Stay Married Vacation.” I don’t take for granted the blessing it is to have family that we trust to spend time with and take care of the kids.  

“Thanks Auntie K and Uncle C for taking us to the aquarium!”

Thanks Granddad and Grandma for taking us to jump our hearts out!






33 thoughts on “#Vacation

  1. Praise God for ALL of this: your clever stay married vacation (love it!), your family taking the kids (!!), your kids enjoying God’s creation at the aquarium (my 16yr old aspiring marine biologist loves volunteering at ours), and God taking care of His kids!! May He continue taking us all deeper in the knowledge of Christ and who He has made us in Christ!

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    1. Thank you. It does wonders for our marriage. I always recommend it to all of the married couples I know. Even if it’s just a weekend, it can have a major impact on the relationship.

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  2. I am just in awe to see a marriage & family function the way God intended for it to. Its a beautiful thing to have your entire family working together supporting each other, working to assure the entire family unit stays strong. God bless all of you! ❀❀

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