19 thoughts on “HOW CAN I BE CALM!!?!

      1. I stand with you in sadness and prayer, my friend. My heart is broken and I fear the possibilities that abound for men like my husband and for our boys. Things have got to change. #justiceandequalityforall

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  1. More Legalized Lynching!! On my way back from the annex building to the main building my co-workers and I suddenly became part of the Black Lives Matter march/demonstration along 5th Avenue. Despite the sadness and anger all races were there for the demonstration, mostly young people but Black, Brown, white, Asian. Everybody is disgusted. Yes they stopped traffic but those cars did not honk their horns because they knew. We all knew. For if this evil continues we will be judged and the judgment will bring condemnation and ruin to the oppressors!! Change will only come through Revolution!! We been praying for 400 years. Now it’s time for action!!

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