MJ’s Beautiful Mind

MJ has always had a knack with electronics.  Since he was very young he knew how to maneuver the computer and the TV controls like a champ!  Add in a video game console, DVD player, and other electronics, and he still knew how to operate every single one on his own without us teaching him.  This still goes on today.  Recently I asked him to show me what website he goes on for a particular game and he took my laptop and began clicking and fixing things that I didn’t even realize needed fixing. The funny thing is that he never did show me the website that I was requesting.   Anyhow, we always have been amazed by the fact that he can do this.  He also remembers phone numbers of family members.  We can tell him what the number is one time and we never have to tell him again.  

The picture shown is something that happens every day.  MJ records about 10-15 shows every 24 hours!  Even when we are sleeping, he has already set up the recordings that he wants. I wonder what’s gonna happen when he runs out of recording space. 


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