28 thoughts on “Parenting Thought For The Day

  1. I have another for you: if you feel your kids will wet the bed/ have to be taken screaming to school/ scribble on the walls/ cling to your skirts until they’re 15, take a deep breath – it’s just a phase (endless though it might seem). This too shall pass ( hopefully before you’ve strangled the minion!)

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      1. I have toddlers and teenagers and although they both have their challenges (teenage attitude is horrible) I can rationalize with the teenager and she is legit helpful on a daily basis even through the tude.

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  2. Love this especially today. I feel like I have been giving life my very best and at the end of the day when my son goes to bed I am exhausted. During the day I plan to have a nice hot bath or soak my feet and drink a tea while I am reading and then comes 9 oclock and I just want to zone out for that last hour of my day.

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  3. Great point. Exhausted and not sure the next move, but know thought of not making that next move. Parenting! Haha. Have to love it. I talk about it in my blog as a former college basketball coach that is with his kids 24/7 now. brianbaronecoach.wordpress.com

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