Getting Better 

It has been another great “season” of Basketball Buddies.  MJ is so much better at shooting the ball the correct way and doing the basketball drills.  I also am learning a lot from the autism moms that I have been talking with.  It’s like therapy every time we meet. We compare notes, give advice, and talk about our every day ins and outs with raising our children. I always leave feeling even more encouraged and optimistic. It has truly been a blessing being able to develop these relationships.   

The following video shows a snippet of what MJ does during each session.  

…and of course frozen yogurt is always necessary when the session is over.  😉 




24 thoughts on “Getting Better 

  1. Proud of him!! MJ is doing very well!

    Stephen used to play basketball when he was younger. Not sure about now as I don’t see him as frequently and his Group Home has not mentioned sports to me. However Thanks to his training center Stephen remains quite fit. I used to have more interaction with Autism Siblings however now that I don’t drive I can’t get out to any meetings and of course my work schedule does not allow me to join the AHRC Autism Groups. Once I retire perhaps then I’ll be able to interact with Siblings Groups.

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  2. My son also played basketball for a short while. Those free throw shots were so satisfying when they did actually go into the basket. These kinds of programs are the best and for so many reasons, not just for the kids. As you say, the parents get huge benefits from being there too!

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  3. Aw. The frozen yogurt bit touches my heart because I remember my mother taking me to McDonald’s once per week after my swimming lessons as a kid. I bet he’ll remember the yogurt and time with you more fondly than even the basketball.

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  4. 😁 He approached that second shot like “no problem coach” and it went thru that hoop smooth.. He’s really getting a groove on running and dribbling together..
    This is as good for you as is for him and I’m so glad 💛

    Support is a priceless treasure..

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