Recently we’ve seen a change in MJ. It’s weird to even write this, but for us it is a definite change. MJ has wanted to spend more time with us lately. Usually he comes in at times to snuggle with us for a few minutes or we usually go hang out with him. However, lately he has been choosing to spend more time with us. There was one day last week where he chose to hang out with me for about two hours straight. I don’t think that has ever happened! The next day he hung out with his dad for about four hours! He even watched football with him.  These are moments my husband has been waiting years for. 

 I honestly thought that something was wrong with him. I felt his forehead to see if he had a fever, made sure he was eating normally, and constantly asked him if he was OK. It was such a nice feeling to have him do this on his own and for an extended period of time. It felt different and it felt awesome… We just hope it continues.





33 thoughts on “Change

  1. Great! I love it when Jonathan does something spontaneously, too. You do become accustomed to the regular behavior of your child with challenges, that when something wonderful like this happens, you are ready to jump for joy. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Ok….this pic!!! His smile is GORGEOUS and has completely melted me! I’m so happy that he’s doing snuggle up time with you guys for a longer period of time now.😘

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