Dental Sedation 😩

MJ has to be sedated to have a dental procedure this week.  I have been putting it off for as long as I can.  I’m nervous about it but honestly there is no other choice.  MJ won’t allow them to do it while he’s awake.  The “laughing gas” is not enough to get the job done.  I will be blogging all about it by the end of the week.  Send some prayers my way, that all goes well.   





43 thoughts on “Dental Sedation 😩

  1. Impossible not to be worried and a bit frightened where our children are concerned. I always hated the dentist, would send me into a panic, so my Mum used to buy me a little gift and wrap it up. I wasn’t allowed to open it until afterwards. Didn’t solve the problem but it did help to alleviate it.

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  2. You are not alone in your worries about this. It’s tough & we will be right here to help in anyway we can.
    Biggest advice is to not let him know that you are scared

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  3. He’ll do great!!! πŸ™‚ Our dentist said that if our guy needs work done (and without a doubt, he will) that he’s taking him across the street to the hospital to sedate him. I know this option is our best option for good results. Sending good thoughts your way!

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  4. Dunno if this will help ease your fears but we had to do that with Jay almost 2 years ago. I was very nervous about it but it all went well. Trust that the doctors know what they’re doing. This is new and a one time thing for you but for them it’s an every day thing. I’ll be here waiting on your post and in the mean time I’m wishing you well with this.

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  5. Good luck. My guy had to have a mild sedative at the children’s hospital ER because he put a popcorn kernel in his ear and the ENT specialist needed him to lie still for extraction. Then he had to have a wire on one of his teeth and before that a small cavity…so sedation with laughing gas. I didn’t like how drowsy he was afterwards and how out of it he was. They were concerned about keeping him sitting up a certain way etc So I would say afterwards it’s not easy and wow you need a very strong person to help move them etc Good luck!!!!

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      1. On a somewhat brighter side my guy now sees an orthodontist and has a pallet expander retainer fixed on his upper teeth and a removable one on his lower. Did it all without sedatives including all the imaging etc . He thinks he has gotten used to all the stuff being done on his mouth now. So you never know right? Hugs

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      1. You are a strong and awesome mom! My kids had to have dental surgery when we first came. They had not been to a dentist in Saudi. It was a mess and they also were so afraid so they had sedation as well. It worked out fine although I was so very nervous! xoxoxo

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