“MJ, Are You Sleeping?”

MJ has always had the same sleep cycle.  When he was a baby I was adamant about putting him on a sleep schedule.  When he was about 14 months old I was finally successful in putting him on the schedule.  Bathtime, music, and baby massage was at 7:15 and he was in his crib by 8:00 pm.  At first he cried and cried and cried before falling asleep.  That went on for about 2 weeks until he realized that I wasn’t coming back to pick him up and take him out of the crib.  Of course as he got older that schedule changed.  Bedtime has moved to 9:00-9:30 pm.  One thing has never changed…he always wakes up between 6:30-7:15 am no matter what time he falls asleep!   I’ve read a lot about sleep and autism and have honestly been thankful that he had a pretty good sleep routine.  Lately it appears as though that is changing.  We constantly hear MJ throughout the night.  He gets up to use the bathroom (which is actually great) but we hear him walking around at other times as well.  The result is a very sleepy child in the morning.  He now almost always sleeps on the way to school.  After school, it’s much of the same.   After our, “how was school today” banter, he is fast asleep.  I’ve contacted his teacher to be sure that he is staying awake during school.  So far so good.  We intend to keep a close eye on this but I’m praying my boy is getting the sleep he needs.  




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