Had No Idea!

I had the pleasure of seeing the movie “The Accountant.”  I have always loved Ben Affleck and was excited to see anything he’s starring in. There I was, thrilled to see an action packed movie. Within the first 50 seconds of the movie, I was holding back tears.  Then again I was holding back tears at least 2 other times in the movie.  I had NO idea that Autism would be a part of the movie.  As I watched, I wondered if people who aren’t familiar with Autism, would even fully understand some things.  I thought of MJ during lots of scenes.  Imagining how he’d be as an adult (sigh).  The end of the movie for me was worth triple the movie ticket!  There was a saying about us not limiting our kids…and then came more tears. It took me 5 minutes to get up from my seat. In spite of the other plot of the movie (some people may actually be offended by some parts), I actually left the theater feeling inspired…Thanks Ben.  


10 thoughts on “Had No Idea!

  1. I didn’t saw the movie, but it sounds quite impressive, Nicky. Instead, I saw some movies about autistic people or children and I know how hard is life for these guys. Hard because people are harsh with them and they don’t want to understand them. If you know what I mean. I am glad that MJ has a beautiful mother like you πŸ™‚
    Hugs for you all,
    Monica ❀

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  2. This sounds like a Must See movie for me. Every day I Thank God that our parents DID NOT listen to the doctors in 1963 and Refused to put Stephen into an institution. Because our Mom and Dad had faith in their son is the reason why Stephen has come so far today! Stephen is grounded morally and spiritually. He looks out for others and tries to help people whenever he can. He may not be President of the USA but Stephen provides standard and example that we all can live by. My brother inspires me every day!!

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