Weekend Happenings



Friday…After school pick up. 

Another snuggle time moment😍.   

“I don’t wanna do my homework!”

“I really don’t wanna do my homework!😠

Went in the pantry and found this note! He is serious about his Cheetos lol!
Hope y’all had a great weekend 😊


13 thoughts on “Weekend Happenings

  1. Why homework? After school ought to be free time. It isn’t necessary unless kids don’t get their work done at school. They learn a lot more from pursuing activities of their own choosing.

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  2. I love it. He’s such a handsome boy, with boy like tendencies. My Jonathan is doing well for his first year in middle school. He made the transition pretty well. He did have a hard time with the instructions not being so obvious, as they were in elementary school. But with much patience and a lot of support we both (smile) made the transition. He’s on the way.

    Guess what? My Jonathan is 11 years old and he wears a size 12 men’s shoe. He is standing very tall, almost 5’8″. The doctor said that there is nothing I could do about what’s inherited. So, I have a big 6th grade middle schooler.

    I am praying the best for your children.

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