It’s sometimes rare to see people go out of their way for others.  Fortunately for me, I had an awesome experience recently.   Based on what happened almost 2 weeks ago with MJ, I was hesitant to go out again with the kids without my husband. Hubby had to work and I did not want to miss the event so I decided to take the kids. There was a local “Holiday Wonderland” happening that  I did not want to miss, so I said a prayer and we were on our way.  The kids enjoyed games, face painting, playing in the snow, and decorating cookies.  When we were about to leave I noticed MJ looking at the Santa line. I have never taken the kids to see Santa before. Partly because I have my own hangups with Santa and think that sometimes he takes away what I feel is the true meaning of Christmas. Other than that, I just knew that it wasn’t a great idea to take MJ when he was younger…He simply wasn’t interested.  Anyhow, we decided to go over to the line but when we got there I realized the line was much longer than we thought. I had on my autism awareness bag and I believe this is the reason why one of the event workers approached me. She wanted to know if we were indeed standing in line to see Santa and I told her, yes.   She then left us. We decided to leave the line and go to a different area when all of a sudden the same worker found us. She said, “I spoke to someone and you guys can come with me!” When all was said and done she ended up bringing us to the front of the line!! Santa was super nice and tried to make small talk with MJ.  Mrs. Claus was even nicer.  I was so overwhelmed with how caring everyone was that I basically cried like a baby as the kids were with Santa.  It must’ve been a “sight” because a photographer asked if she could take pics of us.  My eyes were red as tomatoes, I was wearing the clothes I had been running errands in all day, and I couldn’t stop crying.  We had such a wonderful time.  As we were walking back to the car, MJ Put his head on my shoulder and said, “thank you for taking us to Holiday Wonderland mommy.” And I’m so glad I did.


26 thoughts on “#1sttimeSanta

  1. How beautiful! So glad you took the chance and went out! Santa was a hit!!! Glad it has helped restore your spirit in people and gives MJ a chance to have a great time out! 😘😘

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  2. A beautiful story! I’m so glad that lady noticed and was able to take you straight to Santa, glad tiu all enjoyed the experience! Isn’t this what Christmas should be all about? Kindness and caring towards others 😊

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