The “We’re Not Doing Anymore of This Darn Homework” Parent teacher conference 

We had a conference with MJ’s teacher last week. The beginning of the meeting was kind of shaky. MJ’s teacher obviously didn’t remember that we had the appointment. He tried his best to cover up the fact that he was annoyed, but it didn’t work.  One of the main reasons for our visit was to discuss the 15 page homework packets that he consistently sends home for MJ to complete. Now I’m telling you here today that I would rather get three root canals, than sit down with MJ to complete a 15 page homework packet! It really is just that bad.  Hubby and I both explained to the teacher that the amount he gives is intimidating and puts an excessive amount of pressure on MJ and the family. The fact of the matter is that nowadays worksheets don’t work! It’s not the BEST way to have any student learn.  It’s actually a bit archaic and is frowned upon in most educational settings. He agreed that he would stop sending home those packets and would instead send home one to three short assignments that MJ can complete over the course of a week. That I believe, is much more manageable.  One other important issue we discussed was the fact that MJ is not engaging in an online reading program at school. His teacher has him on websites that he used to use when he was three years old! I explained to the teachers how best MJ learns.  He is an auditory and visual learner. He needs to have an online reading program that best suits him and his needs.  The ESE specialist informed me that she would look into it.  I will be emailing her after the holiday break to inquire about it.  It’s really sad that the general education students have access to numerous online reading programs but they have nothing in place for the ESE population.  Even more sad is that the parents of the ESE students usually have no idea…Hubby’s main concern was MJ’s social interaction as well as supervision. We were informed that MJ gets along very well with his classmates and that there is always adequate supervision.  There were a few moments where we literally had to interrupt the teacher because he kept talking and not allowing us to ask our questions.  When all was said and done it ended well. Now we just have to wait and see if his teacher actually follows through with what he said.  


30 thoughts on “The “We’re Not Doing Anymore of This Darn Homework” Parent teacher conference 

  1. Geez man! My feeling is PLEASE do NOT work in education UNLESS you love love love the kids. It’s times like these I’m proud of you both for being MJs advocate. He deserves it and deserves a great education like any child regardless of the setting.
    Packets?! Please 🖐🏾.
    Great job! Keep MJs standards high for all those who love & serve him. He deserves it.

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  2. 15 pages?! For my 15.5 year old autistic son, I select about 5-10 problems for him to complete after reading the info on each subject (we homeschool). There is NO WAY he could ever manage more than that. Like you said, it’s intimidating and overwhelming for him and me. The “5 a day” method is great! If they miss more than one, they don’t get it. Then you re-instruct. Otherwise, they are drowning in their anxiety to finish a mountain of work! So glad ya’ll got some resolution to this 💕

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  3. I always want to go and stand in the back of the classes after these meetings and see what might be going on. I always feel as if I don’t have the full picture.. I am sure lessening the homework is going to be nothing but a good thing for MJ, congratulations on winning the battle!

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  4. The teacher will follow through because you will be on tip of it. 🙂 I have learned teachers begin to learn who the parents are that know their children’s rights and watching every step. Hoping this teacher “gets it” and follows through.

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  5. Oh Nicky good luck. We are struggling with my son’s prek teacher. My husband and I are like, “How can prek be a struggle?” But she sounds similar. I’m trying to keep my mama bear reined in. Glad to hear the homework is down to a manageable level!

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  6. I’m 19 with Asperger’s syndrome. If I was assigned 15 pages at a time, I would get completely overwhelmed and end up not doing it! I feel like that would be a struggle for a person without autism. So glad to hear you voicing your concerns and trying to get things better for your son and family 😊

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  7. It is so hard. I see the online books offered by the school but Jake has a hard time simply reading them; he also needs the auditory portion. Frustrating at best. Glad you are in top of it all! Oh; 15 pages!!! That’s just crazy even for typical students!!

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  8. That ridiculous! that’s too much homework! I’m glad you stood up for your son. I love doing homework with my boys, but I surely would not be sitting down with them doing 15 pages of work, that should be for High school or college.

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