Now This I Can Do!

I almost jumped on the dining room table when I read this! Though this says it’s for special needs moms, I believe many moms can take this as their New Year’s Goals!! I for one plan to make ALL of these a reality this year.  


Pic courtesy of Instagram 


8 thoughts on “Now This I Can Do!

  1. Amen amen & AMEN! Can I get an amen?! All moms need to make this their mantra. My word for 2017 is no because I’m too busy yessing this & that. Self care is where it’s at for all moms.
    Bless you for posting this so other moms will not feel guilty about taking necessary time out for themselves.
    Love you sis! 😘❀️

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  2. Everyone struggles with something at some time or other, these resolutions are so important to remember, regardless of your struggle – we all need to give ourselves a break sometime πŸ˜‰

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