DOGgone Good! 🐢

Mj was fiddling around in the kitchen today with paper and pencil in hand. After giving him his space for about 20 minutes, I went to check in on him. He had drawn a figure that I didn’t recognize. He looked at me and said, “That doesn’t look like a dog to me.”  I actually saw concern on his face because he knew that his picture was not that great. I immediately went to Google and looked up a video on How To Draw a Dog. We watch the video together and step-by-step MJ drew a picture of a dog all by himself.  He was so proud, and so am I.  

This is a link to the video we watched…

How To Draw A Dog For Kids.



23 thoughts on “DOGgone Good! 🐢

  1. He did great. I love how you have the ability to think of ways to enhance this handsome young man. Thanks for this blog. God bless you as you raise your family for Him. I look forward, God willing, to your blog posts this year.

    My Jonathan had a bit of an altercation in school, with two other boys that wanted to treat him badly. I was calmer than I thought I would be. I realize that he has to learn to deal with conflict. Blessedly, the teacher and the assistant principal both jumped on the situation and the boys are all better now. Especially with the no tolerance rules we have in schools, I was glad all worked out for him. He told me “Mom, I prayed silently and asked God what to do.” WOW!

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