Sibling Support ✅

My daughter brought home a form about a support group for siblings of special needs kids.  I was both shocked and happy as I read the form.  It discussed the benefits of meeting other kids who may share similar family dynamics as they do.  The group will meet once per week during the school day.  I had a conversation with my daughter and asked her if this is something she’d like to do.  She said “of course mommy!”   She had her second session this week.  She said that she had fun, talked about feelings, and made new friends.   I’m very impressed that her school even has this support group.  I’ve never heard of anything like this happening at a school!  

We do our best to make sure she always feels special and we have our one-on-one time with her…But I know she sees a difference in how things work when it comes to herself and MJ. Often times she understands, but I know she gets frustrated as well.  I’m so grateful for this support group and I pray it continues to be beneficial for her. 


23 thoughts on “Sibling Support ✅

  1. Kudos to her school! I’ve never heard of that program either, but what an awesome idea. I’m so glad that she’s doing well and enjoying the group.

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  2. This is just magnificent! Wow, impressed that a school is offering this, but thankful at the same time. More schools should it’s a necessary thing for children who have a special needs sibling. Kudos to that school and kudos to my beautiful niece! Auntie Dionne is very, very proud! #family. Love you guys!

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  3. Oh, she is a doll and very photogenic! Support is a beautiful thing. My Jonathan is an only child, so you can imagine how I try so hard to make sure he has someone to play with and interact with during the week. In school it isn’t so bad, but after school and on the weekends I have a difficult time keeping him involved. So, it’s great to hear that your daughter is so conscientious at a young age. Have a wonderful day.

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