What Special Needs Parents Think About

I saw this and had to post it. The truth is that we don’t know if MJ will ever be able to live independently. However, we will be there for him no matter what. ❀




29 thoughts on “What Special Needs Parents Think About

  1. Truer words were never spoken. Our parents both died in their 60s so Stephen and I were both in our 30s at the time of their passing. However we were trained to stick together no matter what. Being the oldest it was my responsibility to care for Stephen after they died. Sure I could have taken opportunities for marriage or to move from New York for career advancement but I can and will never leave my brother. All else and everyone else be damned. We are a team forever! DeBorah and Stephen Palmer.

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      1. None of us like to think about death but it is not a subject we can avoid. My parents knew that they could rely on me. Plus Our Dad purchased Life Insurance for Stephen when he was young so I would not have to worry in case Stephen should pass before me. Almost as soon as I got out of the Army in 1981 I began to look into getting Stephen placed in a Group Home Residence. Obviously Mom & Dad weren’t going to live forever and I could not quit my job to take care of Stephen full-time. It was pure hell dealing with Social Security and various agencies but with the help of my then Pastor Rev. A.R. Bernard and writing to my Congressmen and Senators success came in 1989. Good thing too because Dad died May 1995 and Mom followed him in 1998. As soon as your child hits 18 or even before you must apply for SSI, Medicaid and Medicare. That’s what pays for your adult child to be in a Residence and for Medical Care. Given the fact that #45 plans to dismantle much of our current health care it is something to think about because believe me you will not be able to afford health insurance for an adult child over the age of 21. Also as U.S. Citizens we must constantly call, email, text,and visit our elected officials to make sure all these benefits especially Social Security stay in place!! I’m not yet retired. However all things being equal I will retire in March 2020 but I will not be able to become a full-time caregiver for Stephen as I have my own health, medical problems and age-related disabilities.

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