I Hate Lying To MJ

I Lie to MJ way more than I’d like to admit. The primary reason for it is that I’m trying to prevent a major meltdown. It still makes me feel incredibly guilty every time I have to do it. I Lie to him when I’m taking my daughter somewhere and he cannot come. I lied to him last weekend when I wanted my daughter to celebrate her birthday with her friends.  She sometimes worries about him when she’s out and about and I did not want her to have to do that on her birthday.  My daughter will be going to a sleepover soon and I am already anticipating the fact that I will once again have to lie to him about where she is going. The last time she had a sleepover and he could not go, he had a major meltdown and it took about four hours for him to recover from it. It was horrible…He was yelling, “no mommy, noooooo,” over and over again and would not stop crying. It broke my heart.  I know I have to stop doing this. He has to learn that he will not be able to go everywhere with his sister.  He has to learn how to cope with it.  Maybe I should start now.   Maybe I need to prepare him now, for her upcoming sleep over…Yes I believe I will. God help me.  


19 thoughts on “I Hate Lying To MJ

  1. Yes as painful and trying as it will be it is best to tell him the truth. As your daughter gets older she is going to have a separate life from her brother. She should not have to feel guilty or worried about her brother. Maybe if you explain that he too will have special activities and occasions he won’t take it so hard. This is a difficult position for the entire family but you will get through it. Grace, Peace & Blessings to you.

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  2. 😞 Keep praying that God will help you prepare MJ from now so it’ll be something that he might adjust to over time. As she gets older, he can’t go everywhere with her but start now. It’ll be painful but it’s part of the kids growing up. So sorry that it’s painful – still praying – even now πŸ™πŸΎβ€οΈ

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  3. I know each of our children are so different. I wonder if u and hubby have a sleepover or something with him the same evening your daughter as her sleepover if that would like help him cope with is sister not being there.

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  4. You already know in your heart that this is not something you want to pass on to your children. I pray God will give you the wisdom and discernment you need to handle this and that MJ will be able to accept that his sister has friends. hugs and prayers

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