Nicky’s Autism Parenting Tip #2

Working in the school system for over 17 years has offered me the opportunity to see many things.  Unfortunately, one of those things has been the lack of parental involvement in the IEP process.  I never understood why parents would allow others to make decisions about their child without their knowledge or input.  Whatever you do, you must attend ALL IEP meetings. If the date scheduled is not good for you…reschedule it.  If transportation is an issue…then attend the meeting over the phone.  Also be sure to fully read the final IEP. I’ve found several mistakes on MJ’s IEPs over the years.  






Ladies and gentlemen I have an announcement to make! MJ has stayed dry through the night for over two months now! Wooooo Hooooo!  Every morning he would wake up and immediately give me a report. He would say, “I’m wet” or “I’m dry” and then give me a thumbs up.  I noticed that he stopped giving me the “report” and I assumed that it was because he was getting older and feeling self-conscious about it.   Then I noticed that we didn’t have the need to wash his sheets every single day.  Last week it dawned on me…He hadn’t wet the bed for a long time! I’m still going to being observant for another few months but I am relieved and thankful that we have finally gotten to this point.  




The Kids Like Hubby More Than They Like Me😏

I’ve known this for some time now…And you know… I’m woman enough to admit it! Take For instance the following examples:

Every night MJ asks “who’s gonna pick me up tomorrow, mommy or daddy?” If my response is “daddy,” then he gives a smile and goes to sleep.   If I say “mommy is going to pick you up,” then I get a grunt of some sort…something like a long, “uuuuuugggggghh!”  

When daddy comes home he gets smiles, yells of “daddy is home,” and lots of hugs.  When I come home it’s  a lackluster “hi mommy,” and then they retreat to their rooms 😳😲.  

I wrote prior about the thank you letter my daughter wrote to hubby.  She wrote him another one last week.  IM STILL WAITING FOR MY THANK YOU LETTER! 

Around the house I’m known as “The Fun-buster” and my favorite, “The Momster!”   

The truth is that the kids have lots of fun with hubby.  Those that know him, know that he is a “character” and he transfers that when he is with the kids.  They know dad is going to allow them to run, jump, play, and destroy the house to their hearts content…I won’t.   Hubby is going to give them some candy with dinner if they ask…I won’t!  I actually don’t mind it one bit because when I was their age, My. Dad. Was. My. Favorite. Too! 

I’m honestly so thankful and grateful for the relationship they have with him, but I STILL WANT A THANK YOU LETTER LOL…Maybe one day.