The Kids Like Hubby More Than They Like Me😏

I’ve known this for some time now…And you know… I’m woman enough to admit it! Take For instance the following examples:

Every night MJ asks “who’s gonna pick me up tomorrow, mommy or daddy?” If my response is “daddy,” then he gives a smile and goes to sleep.   If I say “mommy is going to pick you up,” then I get a grunt of some sort…something like a long, “uuuuuugggggghh!”  

When daddy comes home he gets smiles, yells of “daddy is home,” and lots of hugs.  When I come home it’s  a lackluster “hi mommy,” and then they retreat to their rooms 😳😲.  

I wrote prior about the thank you letter my daughter wrote to hubby.  She wrote him another one last week.  IM STILL WAITING FOR MY THANK YOU LETTER! 

Around the house I’m known as “The Fun-buster” and my favorite, “The Momster!”   

The truth is that the kids have lots of fun with hubby.  Those that know him, know that he is a “character” and he transfers that when he is with the kids.  They know dad is going to allow them to run, jump, play, and destroy the house to their hearts content…I won’t.   Hubby is going to give them some candy with dinner if they ask…I won’t!  I actually don’t mind it one bit because when I was their age, My. Dad. Was. My. Favorite. Too! 

I’m honestly so thankful and grateful for the relationship they have with him, but I STILL WANT A THANK YOU LETTER LOL…Maybe one day.  








20 thoughts on “The Kids Like Hubby More Than They Like Me😏

  1. BOL!!!!!!! I’m cracking up for so many reasons!!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ but really, Dad’s can do anything and it will appear we love them more! Dad’s just have that power… mommy complained when I was an adult that she had to fight for hugs and I just dished them out freely with Dad! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ we all know who the rule makers are though! #youwillgetyourlettersoon

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