Nicky’s Autism Parenting Tip # 3

It’s very important to always be prepared for whatever may happen with your child. There have been many times when a meltdown was prevented because I brought Mj’s favorite toy or snack along.  I never left the house without:

A juice box 

Crackers (usually gold fish)

MJ’s favorite “bouncy ball” or robot 

Favorite CD 

Fidget toy

Picture book 

MJ is almost 13 years old and I still always leave the house with at least a snack, earplugs, and his tablet. It has saved the day on occasion when we get stuck in traffic, have an unexpected delay, or a sudden change in plans.   





12 thoughts on “Nicky’s Autism Parenting Tip # 3

  1. I always have a tote bag ready to go in the car. My kids started calling it Mommy’s Magic Bag when they were little and the name stuck. Sounds just like yours. πŸ™‚

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