MJ’s invited To a Party that he can actually attend!😲😁

Over the years MJ hasn’t been invited to many parties.  I know that some people didn’t want him there, for fear of the unknown.  There were actually a few that he was invited to but they just weren’t appropriate for him.  Recently he was invited to a classmates birthday party.  I was thrilled to see that it was at a bowling alley! Hallelujah it’s something that he has done before and really enjoys! I must admit that it will be a nice change of pace to feel comfortable and relaxed at this party.  I won’t have to worry about other kids making fun of him or asking questions like, “why does he talk like that” or “what’s wrong with him (these things have been said more than once)?” The adults hosting this party fully understand autism and everything that comes along with it.  I’m sure we’ll have a blast πŸ˜πŸŽ‰.  





18 thoughts on “MJ’s invited To a Party that he can actually attend!😲😁

  1. Yay MJ! Kids don’t understand. We have to teach kids kindness. My son doesn’t know anyone autistic so if we ever met someone hopefully we could talk to both the child and parent as an understanding and not judging tone. I would love my son to be friends with kids that share similar things that he likes to do. But, my kid is weird and tends to attract weird kids so he would probably just talk to the child and not think twice of it. Does that make sense?

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