Don’t Mess With MJ’s Education

As this school year has progressed, I’ve kept watch over MJ’s classwork and homework.  I’ve kept notes of the homework he is given as well as notes regarding the classwork they say he does in class.  One component has been missing…The students have no online curriculum!  Yes, they have access to textbooks online but there is nothing in place to help engage the students and sharpen their skills in the areas of reading and math.  During one parent teacher conference this year, my husband and I made it clear that we wanted MJ to work on an online program during class.  MJ constantly tells me that he is on!  While I love Starfall, because it did help MJ to read, I don’t feel this is something that he should still be using in school.  For goodness sakes, he has been using it since he was 3 years old!  I wouldn’t mind if MJ used is for free time or before dismissal, but it appeared to me that he used it daily while at school.  After our meeting, I followed up with an email about our request for an online program.  Our request was basically ignored by all individuals.  Since I work in the school system, I see what is made available to the general education students.  This year, for example, 2 online programs were purchased by the district, for use in the general education classes.  Now we all know that these online program costs thousandssssss of dollarssssss. We were told to incorporate these programs into our curriculum.  They ended up being great programs that helped to engage students and reinforce reading skills at each child’s reading level.  As the days went on I got angry.  I thought, Why doesn’t MJ and all of the other special needs students have access to a program like this? Why isn’t a program available for them?  Aren’t they just as important as the general education students?” At that moment I was compelled to resolve this issue.  I sent an email to all of the district personnel in charge of the special needs program, including the autism curriculum person.  I quickly received a, “thank you for your email, we’ll get back with you” response.  After 2 days I did receive an email stating that they would look into the information.  Five days after that, I received an email and telephone call from a woman in charge of curriculum for MJs school.  She informed me that she visited his classroom, unannounced, and observed MJ, the teachers, and the instruction for the day.  She then said, “His teacher is very old fashioned.” I actually laughed when I heard this because this is not news to me.  She then went on to explain that she gave his teacher a list of online resources that he can use in the classroom and requested that I give her a week to find out more information.  Well, guess what was in MJs bookbag that day…He came home with the same list of resources. After that week, I emailed the woman and the autism curriculum person AGAIN to clarify my request…I DON’T WANT A LIST OF RESOURCES THAT HE CAN USE AT HOME! I DON’T GIVE A RAT’S BUTT ABOUT HOW OLD FASHIONED HIS TEACHER IS! WHAT I WANT AND WHAT HE NEEDS IS TO USE AN ONLINE EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM IN THE CLASSROOM, JUST AS THE GENERAL EDUCATION STUDENTS DO (sigh)!  I wrote that to them as professionally as I possibly could.  The next day I received an email stating the online program that he would use as well as the fact that it would be used with fidelity and that training would be given to all necessary personnel.  You better believe that I will be ensuring that this takes place next school year and thereafter.

It is sickening to me that something was not already in place.  It’s sickening to me that they don’t value MJ and other special needs children the way that they value the general education students.  It’s sickening to me that better instructional strategies aren’t being used in his classroom.  They will not deprive my son of having FREE and APPROPRIATE EDUCATION.  That will never happen under my watch.








20 thoughts on “Don’t Mess With MJ’s Education

  1. It really is awful because all children deserve the best education possible but if you’re not the one to ask questions and push the system to work as designed, it won’t work. I believe that more teachers need support for our students and accountability for gains not made in the classroom. I think some teachers just want to ”make life as simple as possible” but that doesn’t help the student or families prepare for life after high school. I think those who are doing their job are overwhelmed by the needs of other students who are not supported by their parents/families. Our schools arent babysitting services or dumping grounds but some parents treat it as such. That makes our problems even more of an issue than they should be.
    Thank you for always advocating for MJ. We need thousands more parents like you in our schools. We just don’t have enough parents that care and that’s a tragedy in itself. Bless you ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  2. Thank you for your advocacy. Every step we take for our kids benefits other children. I can never express to you the gratitude I feel for what you are doing for my own son, too. Hugs to you and yours.

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  3. I know this is serious but your hashtags had me smiling. I am glad though that you go above and beyond to make sure MJ is on track especially when it comes to resources which ARE THERE FOR OTHER STUDENTS. Do not give up because it really is not fair. Hugs!

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  4. Wow! I can’t believe that “a teacher being old fashioned” was a valid excuse for not providing online resources to your son at school. I don’t doubt that she is a good teacher, but we (or most teachers) all have computers in our classrooms now. Might as well put them to good use!

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  5. Thank you for this! I’m a teacher and I see things like this happening all the time and it drives me crazy! I NEVER want my students to fall through the cracks which unfortunately, can happen so easily. I feel like our kids, whether in the general stream or otherwise, are never entirely supported in the system we have in place now. I love that you spoke out about this! I encourage every parent to! I’m also sorry that the teacher and admin didn’t seem to truly be listening to your concerns. That should never happen.

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