Here We Go!

Well, today began our journey into another school year! I’m praying that I don’t have to fight as hard this school year to make sure that MJ gets what he needs. 

I’m thankful that today both kids had a great first day! However, my daughter complained that she did not play at recess because of the solar eclipse lol.  

Wishing everyone a fantastic school year. 😊


10 thoughts on “Here We Go!

  1. I spent 2 hours of eclipse time mashing eclipse glasses on elementary kids, sweating my butt off. Those gasps – when the kids finally saw it – was worth every drop. I wish your kids had been able to go outside!!

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  2. Hi Nicky.

    Well Jonathan had a great first day of school, too. MJ looks so much older.He’s not a little boy anymore, he is a ‘preteen’. Tell me do you sometimes have trouble introducing new things to him? Jonathan has 2 new pairs of shorts, and two new pairs of pants, and I have a hard time with him wearing them. I have to insist that he does. I don’t know what it is really. He told me that the tie on the one pair of pants was on the outside instead of the inside, and he wanted to reject them altogether. I just wonder do you have that happen from time to time with MJ.

    Your thoughts and suggestions please. I’m an old woman now and need all the help I can get. Thanks. lol.

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