“Still no internet, Still no air conditioner”

This was said by MJ every 30 min. during Hurricane Irma.  On Friday, MJ was carefree and just chillin’! He was not phased until early Saturday morning at 4 am when we heard 2 loud explosions and our power went out!  He managed to go back to bed and when he woke up, he realized that the power was still not on.  Every 30 min after that he said, “still no internet, still no air conditioner.” A few times he also said,  “still no TV!”  We had to explain at least 8 times that nothing would be turned back on until the hurricane passed.  We played games, ate snacks, colored, read, played Uno and even had some bible study (we definitely needed comfort from above).  MJ used his tablet and portable DVD player until the batteries ran out.  It was very scary at times and MJ put his headphones on to drown out some of the noise from the howling wind and rain.  We were without power for 30 hours.  All in all, MJ handled it very well.  He had no meltdowns of any kind! When the power did come back on he was thrilled and quickly went to see if his favorite shows were recorded.  We let him know that we were proud of him and his sister for handling the entire ordeal without fighting, being angry, or pouting the whole time.  We managed to have fun together.  This taught them to appreciate what they have and to not take everyday things for granted.  Lesson learned, Hurricane Irma. 
Pic courtesy of ABC News/Twitter


11 thoughts on ““Still no internet, Still no air conditioner”

  1. So happy this passed quickly for you. Our friend in the center of the state sustained no damage. He said it was a taste of what the Israelites experienced when the angel of death passed over the Hebrews in Egypt.

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  2. I’m so happy that he handled everything okay, especially with this scary storm. Great job on having those games, activities, and Bible study. You’re such an amazing mom Nicky!!! 😘😘😘

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