Nicky’s Autism Parenting Tip #6

This was very difficult, and is still difficult to do with MJ. If he had his own way, he’d want to stay home 365 days of the year! It wasn’t easy and he had plenty of meltdowns during every new activity. We slowly had to expose him to various activities. Doing so has allowed us to realize his love of the beach, and swimming in general. As well as his love for basketball and bowling.  I am actually in the process of trying to find out different activities that we can try him out for in the coming months.  Sooner or later I know we will find something else that he truly enjoys doing.  






8 thoughts on “Nicky’s Autism Parenting Tip #6

  1. I have a question Nicky: why was MJ having meltdowns? Was it because he did not want to do something new? How does his mind interpret a response to new activities? Just wondering. Keep up the good work thought – patience is key!

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  2. I love this quote Nicky! I’m so glad that you keep trying to do different things with MJ. At least we know that he loves the water. I’ll continue to pray that he would enjoy other activities.

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