The Best Sunday I’ve Had in a Long Time 🤷🏽‍♀️

During the last few months it has been increasingly difficult to get MJ to want to go to church. If I’m honest, it’s never been a completely smooth experience but lately he yells, and has a huge attitude about it. So I decided to have him stay with a family member while I went with my daughter. I just have to admit how awesome it was to not have to worry about MJ’s behavior (loud outbursts) while there! I was able to completely focus, participate and listen to the pastor!!! It was honestly one of the best Sundays I’d had in a while. This is not to say that I’ll stop trying with MJ, but I will definitely do this more often.






“First Waffles, Next Steak”

We have been working on MJ independently making his own meals.  Obviously, we don’t want to overwhelm him so we have him making simple things.  Our ultimate goal is that one day he can sustain himself without our assistance.  Recently MJ came to me and said, “What’s for lunch mommy?”  I was in the middle of doing something and said, “Do you wanna have waffles and fruit?”  A few minutes later he came and showed me his plate of toasted Eggo waffles with syrup (*mind blown* 😮).  I was stunned! He usually gets irritated when I make him do it himself, and yells, “It’s your turn to make it mommy, ” or some other inappropriate statement lol.   I have always observed him while he made it so this truly shocked me!  I told him that I was very proud of him for doing it by himself.  Today, he independently made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  Of course, it took him about 20 minutes to do this but he did it by himself.  We are so grateful for this progress.  Who knows…next time it may be a ribeye steak well done 😏.