It’s Happening

MJs IEP meeting was just this past week! No matter how many of these I attend, It’s still very difficult to hear about all of your child’s “areas of need,” before they get to his progress. It is still difficult for us to sit and listen to it all. Earlier last month I received a draft of the IEP that I immediately took to work to have a friend look at for me. She is an ESE specialist and is familiar with what happens in high school. As I write this, I honestly cannot believe that MJ will be going to high school next year! It seems as though I was just writing the same thing about him going to middle school! I have the same emotions. I’m nervous, excited, scared, and at the same time hopeful! MJ did so well in middle school and I’m anticipating the same for high school. I had to fill out a school choice form for him to be able to attend the high school that we wanted. I still have to wait another month to find out if it’s approved. I know two other autism moms that have their children at the school and they both love the program and speak highly of the teachers so I’m really praying that we get that school. One concern for me during the IEP meeting was that they wanted to decrease his speech therapy from 90 minutes to 60 minutes. Excuseeeee me! I immediately asked why they wanted to do that and no one could answer me! His speech therapist wasn’t even at the meeting! She had a fill-in instead and this person had never seen MJ for a therapy session. I looked at everyone as though they had five heads and told them, “absolutely not!” I had to keep my composure to make sure that “Nicky from the 305” did not make an appearance! I told them to change it back to 90 minutes, as speech is one of the main things that we know he needs to work on. He still has much better receptive language than expressive language. I’m still baffled by that horrible suggestion. One positive take away was how much better his hand writing has gotten since entering middle school. The occupational therapist was able to show me something that he recently wrote. You can see it below. All in all, the meeting was productive. Once I get approval on the high school, we will all be visiting there to tour the school and meet the teachers. But for now I have to get my mind and spirit ready for the fact that it’shappening…I will soon have a high schooler.






15 thoughts on “It’s Happening

  1. I can’t believe the speech therapist wasn’t there! Why on earth would they decrease his time for speech? The 305 would have seen me too! I will definitely praying that he gets into that high school. No, I can’t believe that he’ll be in high school already?!?!? Where did the time go?
    I’m so happy that he’s making progress, especially with his writing. #soproudofmj

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    1. The only reason I can think of is that classes may be 60 minutes long and he will likely be taken out of class to have speech. This is what happened in the High School I worked at. You really don’t want Nicky missing too many classes. High School is very different.

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      1. MJ is in a special needs classroom and actually they “push in” half of the time so that he’s still in his classroom. I plan to contact his speech teacher so she can really explain why she wanted the change.

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  2. I admire your advocacy. I had similar reactions when services were being cut for Adults with Autism here in New York. I spent lots of time on the phone with various elected officials and I finally called the Governors Office which oversees services for developmentally disabled children and adults. As a Sibling and my brother Stephen’s only remaining immediate family member I constantly have to be as diligent as possible. For a long time I was professional, tried to be understanding and did my best to employ reason the only time things got done was when I lost my temper and let every bit of ghetto and hood rat come out. Sadly you gotta act ugly in order to make people understand that this is not a game and my brother Stephen is not a game piece. I will not have my input belittled or discounted.

    I very much dislike arguments but if I have too I will curse out people who attempt to push my concerns to the side. Fortunately I’m not religious nor am I a church goer. I have no qualms with strong language nor do I regret or am sorry for anything I say. The way I see it if after negotiation that person is stuck on stupid they deserved to be cursed at. Over time being a Single Woman I’ve learned to take care of myself, be independent as a result becoming a stronger activist and advocate. The only reason I’m beginning to slow down is my own health problems and disabilities but deep inside make me angry and I’m a feisty fierce old bird!! To Quote one of Dad’s expressions, “Don’t Mistake Kindness for Weakness.”

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  3. I’m really praying that he’s accepted to the school too! One thing I know, Honey! when Nicky puts the “305 foot down”😄, people and things fall into to place REALLY fast. You’re always doing such an OUTSTANDING job advocating for MJ, I’m believing with you that they quickly get themselves sorted with his proper therapy time. My tummy is in knots for highschool already! My sweet MJ🙆🏽 it goes so fast! We can have comfort teatime and a little sob time too(😉) through this new phase. So proud of him and have always been and will always be so proud of you too mommy.

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    1. Thanks so much for all of the support over the years ! I have a few more weeks before I find out and you know my stomach has been in knots! Praying as well that everything goes as planned!


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