The school year has begun and we are finally getting into a groove.  MJ had his 9th grade orientation the day before school started.  Instead of touring the school and taking his ID picture like I had hoped,  we ended up spending the morning in the ESE Specialist’s office working out a transportation issue that should have never happened.  After a few tears, several emails and phone calls, the issue was finally resolved and I was a little bit more relaxed about his first day of school.  Needless to say, we all went to bed late due to the “summer schedule” that we were on.  In the morning, MJ could barely get out of bed and get dressed.  We managed to make it out of the house on time and got to his school early!  As I pulled up to the front of the school and walked him to the teacher’s assistant, I couldn’t help but stare at him.  My son is 14 years old, almost as tall as his dad and an official high schooler.  I thought back to the early years of the screaming, kicking, crying, fighting, and hiding in the closets on the first day of school. Oh how my stomach would be in knots all day long! My, how he has come a long way.  I wish those teachers could see him now-as cool and calm as a Spring day.  I couldn’t wait to get off of work and pick him up.  Thankfully, MJ is able to remain in the same after care that he was a part of in middle school.  He will be able to utilize them throughout high school.  I basically ran in the room to pick him up and asked him how his day was.  “My day was good mommy!” That was the response I was hoping for.  MJ was happy and all was right in the world.  Now let’s just see what this school year has to offer.





25 thoughts on “MJ is in HIGH SCHOOL!

  1. YAY!!! Sweet baby! He’s doing so great! YOU, you’re such an outstanding mommy. You are always a hundred steps ahead of what he needs, preparing the way for him to excel in every area, since day one. So proud of him! 😘


  2. Watching this interview with a young man who happens to have autism. He has more sense and insight than so called “Normal” people.

    Personally I’m glad that God created my brother Stephen as is. For me Stephen will always be the perfect brother and my best friend.


      1. I admire his bravery, courage and honesty. We need more voices from the autism community. Even though my brother Stephen is not able to self advocate he possesses an innate knowledge and wisdom especially in terms of supporting his friends who have multiple disabilities. I’ve seen Stephen reach out to those who are blind or in wheelchairs. More so than folks who supposedly have all their faculties.


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