Parent/Teacher Conference

We had MJ’s conference a few weeks ago.  At the onset, there was a lot of tension in the air.  I immediately asked how MJ was doing in class. I wanted to be sure that he was doing everything he was supposed to be doing while at school.  She said that Mj was doing well in academics and behavior.  I then began discussing the various issues that we were having…completed work not being graded, no communication from her, homework not labeled/no instructions given, etc.  The most important issue we addressed was her lack of curriculum.  She told me of various websites that she utilizes for resources in her classroom as well as a textbook that she uses for math.  All the while I  was thinking, “why didn’t she tell me this at Open House (sigh).”  I then turned my attention to the ESE specialist and again voiced my frustration about the lack of resources that are offered to our special needs kiddos ( I can talk about this issues for hours because it disgusts me so much).  She agreed with my concerns and said that she would “look into it.”  I haven’t heard from her since our conference but I will be following up with her in a few weeks.  Since the conference, I will admit that things have gotten better.  A routine is now established and the homework is no longer overwhelming.  Here’s to hoping and praying that the rest of the school year continues to get better!





14 thoughts on “Parent/Teacher Conference

  1. I am so proud of your persistence on MJ’s behalf! Yes, it’s probably a given, but still noting it here because maybe some days you just want to give up there’s so much to be aware of and keep on top of AND keep us all posted too 🙂

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  2. I admire your persistence. You and your husband really go to bat for your son! I truly wish I could say that things get easier as one’s disabled relative gets older but I’ve been fighting for my brother Stephen for years. Sometimes if you get good managers and directors at these groups homes all goes well but sadly because of high turnover and low salaries one often has to deal with incompetent idiots and fools. These last few years have been difficult for me in terms of doing my best to get the services and programs Stephen needs and deserves. As far as his training center they have good people but the government budget cuts have crippled the system. They are understaffed and underpaid.

    Sadly I’m getting older. I took early retirement due to my health. Because of my eye condition I have not driven in years and his group home is located in an area with no access to public transportation. Since my retirement in August I’m in a fight for my own health and aspirations. Have not seen my brother Stephen since May. Currently I must trust God to make sure these people take good care of Stephen. All I can do is make phone calls. I have no immediate living family members to help me..

    I just hope your daughter will not have to go through the hell that I’m going through. Hopefully I’ll make it to age 60 next year but I’ve had to acknowledge that once you go past 50 death is a reality. I’ve already had one stroke and I’m doing my best to deal with the resulting complications. Nobody likes to think about this but I advise you and your husband to appointment caregivers now for your son just in case one of you becomes incapacitated or dies.

    If all goes well this week I will get to see Stephen this weekend so we can commence our Halloween Celebrations. Thanksgiving and Christmas are up in the air because I don’t have resources for those holidays. So Halloween might be our last Hurrah for 2018 unless a miracle takes place.

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    1. I become more and more aware that I will probably be fighting for him my whole life. So sorry to hear about your health issues. I know that’s not easy. Hope you get to see Stephen soon and that a miracle does happen before the end of the year. 😊

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      1. Thanks. Let’s hope so. I have made plans for this upcoming weekend. But as the saying goes, Man Proposes. God Disposes. I no longer get my hopes or expectations up too high. I don’t like disappointment. Getting older and the aging process forces one to face reality. At least I’m not arguing with the dummies at his group home. I finally decided to leave those issues alone because they never listen to me and being that I have high blood pressure I can’t allow myself to get overly excited or upset. Along with the State government they’ve all signed the “Insanity clause.”

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      2. I was able to see Stephen for both Halloween and Christmas. Thanksgiving was a no go but I’m thankful and grateful for whatever time that God allows me to spend with Stephen. Next month I will be 60 years old. As I age and time moves quickly I have learned to go with the Flow and be content. When Stephen and I are together he watches over me even more than I watch over him. I’ve never complained in his presence but he sees that I have difficulty with certain tasks so he makes sure that I’m okay. Stephen is the perfect brother.


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