1st High School IEP Meeting

Well we had MJ’s IEP meeting recently and it went “as expected.” They went over how he was doing on his current goals and added in some new ones for next school year. I was thrilled that I didn’t have to fight with them on his speech therapy. He will continue to have 90 minutes of speech therapy per week. However, I did agree that the occupational therapy was no longer needed. MJ has come such a long way with his hand writing and it is completely legible. What I found, was that the OT given at his high school was mainly to improve a child’s handwriting and nothing more. It was funny to see their facial expressions when I immediately agreed that OT was not needed. They assumed that I was going to put up a fight about it. I did have to mention a situation to the ESE specialist in regards to another child taking MJ’s lunch. It was an issue that I was able to figure out after a few weeks of questioning MJ. To make a long story short, one of his classmates was asking him for his food every day and MJ was actually giving the child his food! The teacher and the aides had no idea that this was happening because they were off to the side assisting the kids that needed the most help. Once I made them aware that something was going on, they spoke to the child as well as everyone in the classroom to make sure that it wouldn’t happen again. Initially I was furious about the situation but right now I’m just thankful that I was able to figure it out. Lately, I’m being really selective with the battles I choose to fight. I know God’s got my back and MJ’s back, no matter what.


11 thoughts on “1st High School IEP Meeting

  1. Happy International Women’s Day! Always glad to hear from you and MJs progress.

    I see that we are thinking along the same lines regarding choosing ones battles.

    I made similar choices concerning Stephen Group Home Managers and Directors. All the arguments and complaints went nowhere. Finally after I retired last Year August I knew that I wanted more peace in my life plus I had nor have no control over the behavior plans established by the Group Home. Also little input.

    Plus last month February 27th I turned 60.

    Sixty is not the New twenty. I finally had to admit that my disagreements with the Group Home weren’t doing any good for anyone. Obviously for the past ten years I can’t Travel to the Group Home being that my poor eyesight prevents me from driving and even if I could see well enough to drive I don’t have access to a car.

    I do attend the Progress meetings at Stephen training Center because the subway goes there.

    However I just sign the paperwork. I have no control over their plans or policies. Nor do I have anyone who will assist me.

    Given that I’m still at a high risk for even more strokes, have cataracts and retina problems my warrior days are over. I must stay away from stressful situations at all costs. I’m still in shock that I lived to be Sixty given the fact that for ten years I lived in various emergency rooms. Lessons learned.

    Whatever happens is in God’s hands. I’ve learned to stay quiet and keep my big mouth shut.

    Old soldiers never die. They just fade away.

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  2. As a side note I started a part time job with the Brooklyn Public Library in January. I work in the Adult Learning Centers. My job is to spread the word to Adults seeking to earn their High School Equivalency Diploma formerly known as the GED. I really enjoy my job.

    Also nearly all the aches and pains i was experiencing disappeared. My previous job at the Museum caused the pain aggravated the arthritis.

    My prayer now is to enjoy whatever years I have on this earth in peace, quiet and Tranquility.


  3. You’re growing right along with him. Every day is new!! Choose your battles and WIN!!!!
    I’m forever proud of you.


  4. So proud of MJ’s progress and think that you are doing a really great job of representing him when needed (notice I did not say fighting for him, because I am choosing my words carefully here – LOL). Best of all though, I was happiest when you confirmed that God has your back and He really does; we here in this space have it too! Love and hugs always! G.


  5. Absolutely great news and you’re right about us having to pick our battles. That was nice of MJ to share his food, but Lord they don’t know about other children’s allergies or us making sure they have enough to eat.


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