Not Again! / MJ Update

IT HAPPENED AGAIN😡. Today in my classroom there was another incident of a student calling another student autistic, in a negative way. I had to stop the class and educate them on autism, my son, and the fact that behavior like that is derogatory and will not be tolerated. To some of my students, autistic means dumb! I had to let them know how wrong they were in their thinking. It’s so unfortunate that this is happening more and more. We cannot stop the advocacy. Just think of how many other kids and adults that probably think this same way.

Mj’s Update:

We are 5 weeks into the school year and so far MJ is doing great! He has been handling his homework well and still enjoys going to school. This school year he has art as an elective and so far he really seems to be enjoying that class. Soon he will begin his social skills class again as well as Swim Buddies! I will update again soon.


4 thoughts on “Not Again! / MJ Update

  1. I think it’s a good thing this happened because it gave you the opportunity to talk about it. Some words just seep into the language and people use them without thinking. I suppose kids hear their parents saying it. The new generation is the place to start changing mentalities. Great news about MJ, BTW.


  2. Am sure that must have been very upsetting but it did give you the opportunity to have a conversation and communicate a different reality i.e. out of that negative came a positive. Glad to hear about MJ’s continued progress aka yeah!!!!


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