Happy Thanksgiving 2019

This week started with MJ asking many family members, “what are you thankful for?” Everyone was shocked and happy by his question and it was wonderful to hear how everyone responded. This year I’m thankful to God for all he’s done in my life and for blessing me with wonderful friends and family ❤️.

Wishing all of you a wonderful Thanksgiving day!


4 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving 2019

  1. Hi NickyB. Those pictures of your children are just darling. MJ is maturing so good. Your daughter is lovely. There’s nothing like seeing children grow before your eyes. My Jonathan is 6 feet tall or more and wears a size 14W shoe. He’s learning to drive now. I am so glad that his aunts have that part of his growing all taken care of. My nerves are not what they used to be. Have a wonderful day.


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