This Meeting May Be Combative.

MJ’s IEP meeting is coming up in a few weeks. Now that he’s 15, the IEP meetings are different and he can now be included during the actual meeting. Nothing much has changed in terms of his current teacher.

She still does not communicate.

She still sends home homework that she neither looks at or grades.

She still sends homework that is completely inappropriate for his comprehension level and oftentimes has no clear instructions😡.

She is one of three teachers at his high school that teach the special needs kids that are in a self-contained classroom. I tried getting him switched to another room at the beginning of the school year and was told, “we tried, but that room is the best placement for him because he is considered higher functioning etc.” Still, Mj is happy and enjoys going to school. He has many friends in that classroom and most of them travel with him to the same aftercare. I really don’t want to take him away from his friends and familiarity of his school and environment.  I am both dreading and looking forward to this meeting. All of these issues must be readdressed and resolved.

MJ deserves better than what he is currently receiving academically. 

I will post an update after his meeting.

Thanks for reading.


13 thoughts on “This Meeting May Be Combative.

  1. Praying the meeting goes well!!! 🤦🏽‍♀️ – sigh, I don’t understand his teacher…she’s just going thru the motions…I pray next year he can be switched!


  2. Good luck! This is the first time I am dealing with the same thing – a teacher that doesn’t respond to email or phone call and STILL insists on giving my son something he cannot handle and causes him great stress. So frustrating! I hope things get better for you after the meeting!


  3. It appears as if this teacher has no training or she just do not care. It is difficult to deal with teachers like her but the situation must be addressed. I pray that God will give you the strength to deal with it and that the heart to the teacher will turn around. Have a blessed weekend, my dear, and stay strong.


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