He is Black and Autistic

My MJ. Thinking about his future often keeps me awake at night. Not only because he is autistic but because he is Black and Autistic. I often wonder what will happen in a few years after he has graduated from high school and will be job training. What will happen when he is not around us? Will someone misinterpret his mannerisms? Will they shoot first before asking questions? If he can’t answer the questions, will they think that he is resisting because he doesn’t understand their directives? All of it is frightening to think about. We are doing our part to teach him as best as we can and prepare him for this world. The praying for Mj never stops.
I pray this world really changes for the better after these recent events. I pray this is not just a show for many people. I pray that everyone truly believes that Black Lives Matter.

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16 thoughts on “He is Black and Autistic

  1. Black lives do matter.It’s time to make the last 6 words of the Pledge of Allegiance matter…”with liberty and justice for ALL”, not SOME!


  2. Hi Nicky, I’ve been thinking a lot about you these days. To me this issue beggars belief. I have not been confronted with it in my life in Greece, where although there is racism, it’s contained and generally immigrants integrate well. Please keep safe. Sending you loads of virtual hugs!


  3. As a black mom, my heart aches for you especially since your concerns are so very very real. I am praying with you and for you. I am truly hoping that recent events – the unnecessary loss of lives especially in the midst of police brutality – will cause people to take stock and to stand up to do the right thing … finally … because Black Lives Matter.


  4. I cannot began to imagine your fears regarding MJ, but I too very much hope positive and long lasting change occurs. Black Lives Matter and that needs to be recognized and utilized in the building up and changing of so many systems in our country and around the world.


  5. I feel your pain my dear. I don’t live in the USA but I think about this some times because I have a son also who has health challlenges. Continue to pray and trust in the Lord. He will take care of your son.


  6. My dear friend has an autistic son and she doesn’t know what the future holds for him too. Not easy but I’ve seen the power of prayers.
    I saw MJs photo and the first impression was he’s growing up. He’s not the little boy I saw when I began following your blog. Big hugs.


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