Nicky’s Autism Parenting Tip #6

This was very difficult, and is still difficult to do with MJ. If he had his own way, he’d want to stay home 365 days of the year! It wasn’t easy and he had plenty of meltdowns during every new activity. We slowly had to expose him to various activities. Doing so has allowed us to realize his love of the beach, and swimming in general. As well as his love for basketball and bowling.  I am actually in the process of trying to find out different activities that we can try him out for in the coming months.  Sooner or later I know we will find something else that he truly enjoys doing.  






“Still no internet, Still no air conditioner”

This was said by MJ every 30 min. during Hurricane Irma.  On Friday, MJ was carefree and just chillin’! He was not phased until early Saturday morning at 4 am when we heard 2 loud explosions and our power went out!  He managed to go back to bed and when he woke up, he realized that the power was still not on.  Every 30 min after that he said, “still no internet, still no air conditioner.” A few times he also said,  “still no TV!”  We had to explain at least 8 times that nothing would be turned back on until the hurricane passed.  We played games, ate snacks, colored, read, played Uno and even had some bible study (we definitely needed comfort from above).  MJ used his tablet and portable DVD player until the batteries ran out.  It was very scary at times and MJ put his headphones on to drown out some of the noise from the howling wind and rain.  We were without power for 30 hours.  All in all, MJ handled it very well.  He had no meltdowns of any kind! When the power did come back on he was thrilled and quickly went to see if his favorite shows were recorded.  We let him know that we were proud of him and his sister for handling the entire ordeal without fighting, being angry, or pouting the whole time.  We managed to have fun together.  This taught them to appreciate what they have and to not take everyday things for granted.  Lesson learned, Hurricane Irma. 
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Better Than Expected

We are 2 weeks into the school year and I must say that for the most part, things are going really well!! MJ is doing well and is completing homework independently, WooHoo! I’m praying that continues. My daughter has adjusted to having 2 teachers and loves that she has friends that she knows in both classes. I however, am having a pretty rough time getting back into the swing of things! My body is still on that summertime schedule and I’ve already come down with the first cold of the season 😩! I’m hoping that another two weeks will bring me back to “normal.” Hoping the school year is going well for all 💕. 

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Here We Go!

Well, today began our journey into another school year! I’m praying that I don’t have to fight as hard this school year to make sure that MJ gets what he needs. 

I’m thankful that today both kids had a great first day! However, my daughter complained that she did not play at recess because of the solar eclipse lol.  

Wishing everyone a fantastic school year. 😊

Therapy HW Complete ✅ 

This past week MJ had homework for his Social Skills group.  He had to call someone from the class and give information about himself.  He also had to remember to ask the classmate about himself.  I was very nervous about the call because MJ’s processing time is sometimes slow.  There have been times when we’ll ask him a question and he’ll answer it in about 5 minutes.  That is a long time to wait for simple answers.  Anyhow, When he made the call he said, “hello” then looked at me and said, “what do I say next!”  It was so difficult not to tell him exactly what to say!  Prior to the phone call, I did write one question down that he could ask his classmate.  I pointed to the question and he said, “what did you do today?”  After that, they had a conversation on the phone.  It was exciting to see him go back and forth in conversation on his own.  Through the conversation, he found out that his classmate enjoyed swimming just like he did.  They were on the phone for about 5 minutes which was actually great for his first time speaking to this person.  With continued practice, we are hoping that this becomes easier for him.

Social Skills Needed ASAP

Recently I received an email that outlined a social skills group for kids of different ages.  In the past, We have found that our insurance never covered these types of programs/therapy.  It was always thousands of dollars per year for this type of therapy.  As MJ is getting older, we are finding that it is crucial for him to receive additional help in this area.  As it stands, MJ believes EVERYONE is nice and EVERYONE is his friend.  He needs help with learning what a “real” friend is, what an acquaintance is, and how to have reciprocal communication with people.  I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that our insurance did cover it!  The sessions are for an hour and a half, once per week.  MJ works on various skills with kids in his age group.  He even has homework that will help reinforce the skills that he learns during the group.  We just had our first session and so far he did great!  He seemed to enjoy it and wants to go back!  I am praying that this is beneficial for him and that he can take these skills and use them in his life.