MJ Reading: Then and Now

When MJ was first diagnosed with autism we had no idea if he would ever speak in short phrases.  We had no idea if he would ever speak in sentences. We had no idea if we would be able to have any kind of conversation with him. Along with that came the fact that we did not know if he would ever learn to read. His first speech therapist certainly  did not give us any hope at all.  So it is truly exciting to now hear him reading out loud with fluency and expression.  The first video clip below was recorded when he was about five years old. It was the first time that he had ever read something! We were all so excited! The second video clip was just recorded the other night while doing HW with him.  I not only recorded it because he was reading so well, but I also recorded it because he was actually completing his HW without a fight! 

MJ Reading  5 years old.
MJ Reading 12 years old.