From Beginning To End

They did not want to take these last pics but I did not care! I had to have a picture that represented the first and last day of this school year. It also symbolizes the last day of elementary school for my daughter and the last day of middle school for MJ! Summer vacation here we come!





Here We Go!

Well, today began our journey into another school year! I’m praying that I don’t have to fight as hard this school year to make sure that MJ gets what he needs. 

I’m thankful that today both kids had a great first day! However, my daughter complained that she did not play at recess because of the solar eclipse lol.  

Wishing everyone a fantastic school year. 😊

Joy In The Middle Of The Day

I have written before about how important it is to consistently communicate with your child’s teachers.  For us it is imperative because otherwise we would never know what is going on during the school day. We always ask, “MJ how was your day today,” or “Can you tell us one activity that you did in school today?”  Sometimes we get a response of “good” or “I had a good day today” but that is where it ends.

Today I opened up my work email to see a short email from MJ’s P.E. teacher:                      “Hi, just letting you know that not only is MJ doing well in basketball, he has become a lot more vocal while we are playing.  He is doing Great!”   Coach

That email put the biggest smile on my face.  It is so comforting to know that he is enjoying other aspects of his school day.  He is engaged and communicating more as well.  I needed this email today.   Thanks Coach!

It’s A Miracle 😏

Well, it took exactly one week since my initial emails for them to “get their act together.”  There are now 25 grades for MJ in the gradebook, as opposed to the 1 grade that was there last week!  The ESE specialist emailed me with the name of the OT as well as information from the OT. I emailed her directly, and thankfully she said that MJ was doing well, was eager to do activities with her, and was cooperative (if only he was like that at home when we wanted him to do things- sigh).  I can only hope and pray that I can now take an “email break.” It’s very frustrating and mentally draining when you have to “make” people do their jobs.  

Anyhow, hope you all have a good weekend.  I’m gonna go hug my kids now😊


Still Waiting

Wouldn’t it be great if I could tell you that Mj’s teacher input all of his grades?  It would also be marvelous if I could tell you that I received a progress report.  It would make my heart soar if I could tell you that the ESE specialist responded to the email I sent days ago! Well, unfortunately I can’t tell you any of those things! I sent 2 more emails today and also left a voicemail.  About one hour ago I received an email from his teacher “apologizing for the inconvenience” and insisting that the online grade book will be updated by tomorrow. Now I plan to have a cup of tea to help relieve my headache and go to bed a little earlier tonight.   I need a mental break!


Silly Me

I expected MJ to have more than one grade in the online gradebook after 5 weeks of school.

I expected a return email after emailing the head of the ESE department.

I expected a progress report to be sent home when it was “interim report” day.

I expected MJ to already be receiving the OT that is required on his IEP.

I expected to NOT have to go through this after the research I did to place him in this school.

Silly Me 

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He Made It…OK, I Made It!

Well, we officially made it through our first week of school! For months now I have been praying, fighting nausea and stress headaches, and helping to prepare MJ for middle school.   All of the preparation has paid off! He was so relaxed and happy on the first day of school.   When he realized we were in a bit of traffic on the way, he said, “come on man! I have to get to middle school.😊”   That statement was the beginning of my mind relaxing. It made me realize what I already knew.  He has always liked school and couldn’t wait to get there.  It was still difficult to drop him off at beforecare.  I think I gave the poor beforecare counselor a headache will my whole do’s and dont’s speech! When I returned to pick him up he said ” I had a great day mommy!”

I am thrilled to say that he has received a great report every day this week.  His behavior and attention has been awesome! I can only pray that this continues.  The headache and stress was totally worth it. I would do it all over again.

  MJ deserves it.