Will They Ever Understand?

This sums up how I’ve felt since MJ was diagnosed.   I have missed many important functions with family and friends.  I’ve missed weddings, important milestone birthday parties, children’s parties, baby showers, girls night outings, family BBQ’s, family reunions, class reunions, concerts, church functions, and other important events.  I KNOW that we’ve been talked about, judged, and misunderstood by family and friends.  Please know that we have Wanted to attend all of those functions but simply could not.  Many times we have to separate as a family and one of us will go to a function while the other stays home.  MJ is high on the priority list and we have to do what is best for him and our family.  There are only a handful of people that MJ is comfortable with.  There are only a few homes that he is comfortable in, and are conducive to his needs.   We do things to Prevent MJ’s meltdowns. We are very proactive when it comes to that because it takes him a long time to recover.  Few people have actually SEEN his meltdowns.  He gets overwhelmed when there are too many people in an unfamiliar environment.   He needs his quiet place which is, for the most part, his room.   For holidays we know that the best place for us to be is home.  We welcome visits from family and friends.  MJ actually loves getting  visitors.  He says hi and hugs them and then after a few minutes, he goes back to his quiet place…Then he’ll come back around them for a few minutes, then repeat etc.  There’s an upcoming family function and in a way we are being pressured to go.  We have already said that we won’t be going, but still the pressure and “whispers” persist…They still don’t truly understand.   Here’s to hoping that true autism acceptance and understanding will persevere this holiday season and for the future.  

Pic courtesy of @stacyazbill