“OK, What’s The Deal With Bed-Wetting?”

I have researched bed-wetting off and on for years.  The bottom line is that no one really knows why kids wet the bed.  MJ is almost 11 and still wets the bed on some nights.  I toss back and forth the notion of, “Is this autism or is this his family history”?  I must say that for the last 6 months his bed-wetting has decreased.  As a matter of fact MJ recently went 13 days in a row without wetting the bed!!! Just as I was about to break out the party balloons, he wet the bed on day 14.  I believe that MJ is now aware of the fact that it is not normal.  He notices that his sister does not wet the bed.  He says things like “I tried not to wet the bed mommy”.  We never make him feel guilty and I have to credit my husband for teaching MJ to get up when he needs to use the bathroom.  MJ now gets up (on his own) sometimes in the early morning hours and uses the bathroom but he still wets the bed a few nights per week.  I am optimistic that his bed-wetting will stop soon but I will continue researching to find out what else we can do.

Featured imagePossible chart I may use…I’m still not sure about it yet.