I Cannot Believe He is 16!

SCREAMING Happy Birthday to my awesome son who turns 16 today!! We couldn’t do what we normally would but, we made the best of it. He started with: a big birthday breakfast, then his friends from school sang him “Happy Birthday” during their online class today, we had his birthday lunch delivered, then had birthday cake. In between all of that he still completed schoolwork and participated in his online language therapy.

I want to thank all of the friends and family that sent birthday videos, sent text messages, called, and gave gifts. We truly appreciate you and it warms our heart to know how many people love our MJ❤️. Today was a great day.

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Mj is 13 Years old!

It is difficult to believe that MJ is now a teenager! Every year that he gets older, a little bit of fear tries to creep in. Through prayer and faith I continually fight off that fear. Today, I choose to be positive, to think positive thoughts, and to be thankful for all of the progress that MJ has made throughout the years.  I’m so grateful that he is a happy, loving, wonderful kid…Happy Birthday son!


Well, we attended the birthday party and had a blast! I honestly believe that the autism moms had as much fun as the kids did lol! We all commented on how wonderful it was to have our boys be invited to a party and for them to all be together! While the kids bowled, we were able to talk about the kids, school, and other every day life situations. The best part was seeing how happy MJ was in anticipation of the party.  I am so grateful for the day that we all had.  

Still Celebrating🎉

Ok, the truth is that “mommy guilt” kicked in when I realized that MJ never had an “official” birthday cake and blew out candles.  He had cupcakes at both of his parties…Soooooo I bought a little cake today to end his birthday week celebration.  Hubby just looked at me and shook his head.  He couldn’t believe that I was buying a cake (clearly he doesn’t have mommy guilt).  I know it’s sad, but I’m woman enough to admit this lol 😊😊!

Making a wish and blowing out the candles. 

And Now the birthday week celebration is over. 😊

Birthday Blessings🎂

This is MJ’s birthday week! I absolutely cannot believe that he is now 12 years old! So far he is having a great week…

Bowling birthday party!

Cupcakes anyone?

A little air hockey action!

His favorite birthday present (from Auntie)! 


Birthday hug from little sis💕

He also had a mini party with all of his friends at school.  It’s so great to hear him say things like, “That was a fun bowling party!” Thank you to all of the family and friends that have and still are sending birthday wishes. We really do appreciate it. You have really made this week special for him. 😊

“This Is The Best Birthday Party I’ve Ever Had!”

Featured image

“This Is The Best Birthday Party I’ve Ever Had!” These words were said by my son to me on Saturday after we came home from his bowling birthday party.  It totally melted my heart.  Autism parents know that parties can be very stressful.  You worry if anyone will come. You wonder about meltdowns and tantrums. You wonder if your friends kids with play with your kid.  You wonder if all of the children will get along.  You just plain worry!  Since MJ was three years old he has had birthday parties at school.  It is a controlled environment where there is adequate supervision and he is with all of his friends.  It has just worked out to be so much better than hosting a “regular” birthday party outside of school.  However, we have had family birthday parties for him over the years.  This year we decided to have a little gathering at a bowling alley. We had only family there and people who we consider family.  As I looked at all of the other parties going on at the bowling alley, I noticed all of the kids and their friends.  I watched how they interacted and played with each other and secretly wanted that for my son.  Then I looked at MJ and realized how much fun he was having.  He was so excited to have people around him that he knew and loved.  The only person that was worried was me! I literally had a talk with myself while there and I decided to shut out those thoughts and focus on my son.  My little boy is now 11 years old.  I don’t know what the future holds but I will be praying every step of the way.  I can’t wait to see how he surprises me! Happy Birthday to MJ; my awesome and amazing son 🙂

Featured imageOn the way to the Party!

Featured imageEnjoying his birthday cupcake!     

Featured imagePlaying air hockey with dad!

Featured imageFamily love 🙂

#TBT Birthday Pic!

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With MJ’s birthday approaching this weekend, I thought I’d post a birthday pic.  MJ was about to turn three years old, hence the three mini cupcakes in the pic. He loveeeeeed the frosting on top of them.  Look at those cheeks! It is hard to believe that my little boy will be turning 11 in a few days!  🙂

#TBT Pic!

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This pic was taken on MJ’s first birthday!  Look at that smile!  It is difficult for me to believe that he will be turning 11 next month!  Though I always have a bit of anxiety surrounding his birthday celebration, I am confident that he will have fun no matter what we plan.