Our First Family Christmas Pic!

We have NEVER been able to take a family Christmas picture with all 4 of us in the picture! I was determined to take one this year. Mj is always frustrated, complains, and acts out whenever we try to do it. We tried several times and took no less than 60 pictures. The result was the few that you see below.

Our family picture is my Christmas gift to myself. Something that many people take for granted, and has almost been impossible to do, has finally happened! I’m thankful to God for allowing Mj to cooperate just enough to get a picture 🙌🏽. I wish all of you Happy Holidays and a very Merry Christmas. #merrychristmas #happyholidays #autismfamily #hedidntwanttobuthetookapic #jesusisthereasonfortheseason #lovemyfamily #mygift #memoriesinthemaking❤️.

Family Selfies 💙


Santa better get movin’

MJ wrote out his Christmas list! Some Autism moms can appreciate how great this is! As he sat down at the table, I watched him really think about what he wanted.  If you follow my blog you’ll remember #1. He became obsessed with marble machines over the summer.  Someone please tell me what a snack machine is. I am praying he doesn’t mean a vending machine lol!  It warmed my heart to see him smile as he wrote out his list.  It’s wonderful to see him get excited about the holidays. In years past there was no emotion at all.  It was very difficult to shop for him because we never really knew what he wanted.  It honestly used to completely put my husband and I in a state of depression…So to see this list is simply priceless.  

Online shopping here I come!