5th Grade Dance :-)


MJ is in the red shirt!

Just this week MJ’s teacher informed me that they would be having a school dance on Friday during the day for the 5th graders.  She was great enough to take a few pictures for me.  Knowing how much my son loves music I knew he would have a great time. The night before the dance my husband tried to teach him how to do a simple dance move. MJ said to him “but I can’t dance”. My husband immediately stopped what he was doing and tried to teach him a dance move.   It didn’t go well (sigh).  He started doing that thing he does whenever we try to teach him something (as I have said before, he actually learns some things better from other people).  So, yesterday I was thrilled to receive several text messages from my son’s teacher and she even followed up with a phone call after school ( have I said how much I love her)!  He had a blast and was dancing and having fun for the entire 2 hours.  She said he was giving “high fives” and all.  I am still in denial that next week is the last week of elementary school life for MJ.  I have had loads of support, advice, and great care during his elementary school years.   I’m so worried that it may all vanish during our middle school journey.  However, I will try and stay as positive and proactive as I can.  Lord help me!