#Thismommyishappy #MJ’sBFF

Today MJ had an end of the year party at school.  I wanted to stop by the party just for a little while since parents were invited to come.  When I walked in I saw MJ sitting with his best friend.  This was the first time I saw them together in person. They were both happy and waiting for the party to begin.  I honestly wanted to cry and had to hold in the tears ( I’m such a sap with things like this)! What was even better was that I met his best friend’s mother.  We didn’t speak for long, but we exchanged numbers and had a brief conversation about the boys.  I can’t express how overjoyed I am about this. My heart is full. He didn’t need our help with this.  They bonded on their own.  MJ having friends is one of the number one concerns that we had. Had…feels so good to say that!