Mj Is Making Breakfast 😊

Since the pandemic started MJ has been making his own breakfast every morning. It’s usually just oatmeal, cream of wheat or grits (microwaveable kind) with a banana. He’s always the first one in the house to wake up and I love the fact that he is now independent enough to do this on his own without waiting on us🙌🏽.

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Making his breakfast 😊

He loves it!

Marcus has been participating in yoga and music classes since last week. These classes are not from the school board, but from an organization that I have him signed up for. I am so grateful that he’s able to do these classes online and for free. He is really enjoying them😊. God is so good.

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Some weeks back I wrote about visiting a new facility that MJ can go to for various activities. In order for him to be able to participate, we had to do a parent tour, 2 intake sessions, one with MJ and one without, and fill out lots of paperwork.  Last week, I was finally able to have him participate in a Social Games class.  I was a little nervous when I was taking him because I didn’t fully know what to expect and I wanted him to be in a good mood for the first session. I prepared him for it by explaining that he would be meeting new people, playing games, and having fun.  He had no idea that therapy would be going on while he plays.  Being the overprotective mom that I am (sorry, not sorry), I asked if I could observe just for a few minutes to make sure that he was okay (in my mind I still see him as the 5-year old that used to run into oncoming traffic).  They nicely told me that I could do that towards the end of the session.  While waiting, a fellow autism mom showed me the parent observation room! I ran for the chance to see what he was doing.  All I saw was pure JOY on MJ’s face.  He was so happy playing the game.  I was relieved that he wasn’t just fine, he was laughing and being silly. When the session was over he was so talkative! Telling me that he played games, had fun and “I want to come back next week!”

Just yesterday I took Morgan to a sibling support group.  There were about 15 kids there.  They talked, played games, made hot chocolate, had snacks, did arts and crafts, and were sent home with a bag full of goodies.  I cannot begin to express how thrilled and thankful I am for this new program.  They not only serve the child with special needs, they serve the entire family.






“Still no internet, Still no air conditioner”

This was said by MJ every 30 min. during Hurricane Irma.  On Friday, MJ was carefree and just chillin’! He was not phased until early Saturday morning at 4 am when we heard 2 loud explosions and our power went out!  He managed to go back to bed and when he woke up, he realized that the power was still not on.  Every 30 min after that he said, “still no internet, still no air conditioner.” A few times he also said,  “still no TV!”  We had to explain at least 8 times that nothing would be turned back on until the hurricane passed.  We played games, ate snacks, colored, read, played Uno and even had some bible study (we definitely needed comfort from above).  MJ used his tablet and portable DVD player until the batteries ran out.  It was very scary at times and MJ put his headphones on to drown out some of the noise from the howling wind and rain.  We were without power for 30 hours.  All in all, MJ handled it very well.  He had no meltdowns of any kind! When the power did come back on he was thrilled and quickly went to see if his favorite shows were recorded.  We let him know that we were proud of him and his sister for handling the entire ordeal without fighting, being angry, or pouting the whole time.  We managed to have fun together.  This taught them to appreciate what they have and to not take everyday things for granted.  Lesson learned, Hurricane Irma. 
Pic courtesy of ABC News/Twitter

MJ Is Swimming?!

MJ at this year’s swim program beginning to float on his back! Yeah!

MJ’s two week swim program at school is now over.  After last year’s program he was able to swim with the “float board”.  After this year’s program he is so much more comfortable in the water.  He is now jumping in the pool, sliding down slides, floating on his back, and swimming!!!!! Don’t get me wrong, he is not ready for the Olympics, but he has made awesome progress.   Yesterday I took the kids to swim in their grandmother’s pool.   MJ was playing around and then all of a sudden began to swim from one end of the pool to the other.  He would not do it again if asked to (that kid!)  He only did it when no one was looking! I don’t have pics of that this time but I hope to have that soon.   So grateful for his teacher, swim teachers and his progress.  He will hopefully be swimming like a fish in no time!

MJ Tells a Joke :-)

It’s bedtime in our household…

Me: “MJ it’s time for bed”.

MJ:  “MJ is not here right now.  Please leave a message.  Beeeeep”

Me: laughing hysterically😂.  “MJ this is mommy.  It’s time to go to bed now.”

MJ: Makes the dial tone noise as though the phone is off of the hook.  

I grabbed and hugged him and we laughed together last night.  I thought that joke was pretty impressive.  I’m still wondering where he got it from or if he came up with that himself.   I love this kid. 😊